At GreenZone, we don’t just incorporate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, we are built on them, and they drive everything that we do. 

Our partnership with the team at 20 Old Bailey is just one of the examples of how we consistently collaborate with our clients to set new sustainability benchmarks, inspire positive behavioral change, and minimise the environmental impact of our practices.  

Our joint efforts not only showcase the power of ESG alignment, but also led to incredible results that inspire our continued passion and resolve to make the world a cleaner, better place through our sustainable cleaning services. 

In fact, we recently won 2 awards for Environmental Best Practice awards at the Green Apple Awards (2023). One for Site Specific Carbon Footprint reduction, a measurement we have pioneered with an externally verified, industry first tool, to measure carbon of GreenZone’s service delivery on site. The other, for our working partnership with the 20 Old Bailey team – two things we are immensely proud of.   

The Green Apple Awards were created to recognise, reward, and promote environmental best practice around the world – sharing our vision to give back to our planet and make the world a cleaner, better place! 
Receiving the prestigious Green Organisation Green Apple Awards, acts as external validation of the incredible power of ESG alignment and showcases our joint efforts to achieve collaborative goals which set new benchmarks for sustainable practices within our industry. 

Challenge: Achieve new benchmarks in sustainability 

We had been serving as the appointed cleaning contractor for the 245,000 sq ft Grade A office space 20 Old Bailey since 2017. When Helix took over as Managing Agent of the site, we were reappointed as their bespoke cleaning service, having delivered consistent, long-term, excellence on site. 

The change in management made the alignment of ESG goals a critical focal point in our relationship moving forward. Helix’s commitment to reducing environmental impact while contributing positively to society perfectly resonated with our ethos.  

Our joint objective was to minimise the use of the planet’s resources and, together, work towards leaving a positive and beneficial legacy on our planet and people. However, the challenge lays in translating this alignment of goals and principles into long-term strategy, concrete actions, and transformative outcomes. 

Solution: A combined effort towards sustainability  

Based on our common goals, we devised a comprehensive strategy which aimed to revolutionise their cleaning operations through sustainable innovations. These included: 

  • BioHygiene Cleaning Solutions: We introduced enzyme-based cleaning solutions from BioHygiene – significantly reducing carbon emissions and plastic waste compared to traditional methods, as well as curbing packaging waste. 
  • Social Value Measurement: Working with The Social Value Portal, we measured and externally validated their social value contributions.  
  • Site-Based Carbon Footprint Model: A groundbreaking Site-Based Carbon Footprint Model was developed to measure and externally verify carbon emissions specific to our service at 20 Old Bailey – providing accurate data to aid carbon reduction efforts and meet net-zero goals. 
  • Living Wage Rates and Ethical Trading: In a sector notorious for low wages, we are committed to paying the recognised living wage rates, as well as further enhancing staff engagement, training, and career progression. 
  • Fully Electric Vehicles: We delivered our services using fully electric vehicles to minimise carbon footprint. 
  • Zero-Waste Policies and Social Enterprises: Zero-waste initiatives were introduced, including a separation-of-waste system and a zero-landfill policy. Social enterprise partnerships with Hey Girls and Choose Well Soaps enhanced environmental and social contributions. 
  • Environmental Management Dashboards: Live environmental data displayed through dashboards informed building occupants on recycling, energy, and sustainability metrics. This transparent approach boosted awareness and accountability. 

Results: Stats that speak for themselves. 

Our collaboration with the 20 Old Bailey property management team exemplifies the transformative potential of aligned ESG goals. Through innovative solutions, measurable outcomes, and a commitment to positive change, this partnership has redefined sustainability benchmarks. By integrating ESG principles into every facet of their operations, 20 Old Bailey not only achieved outstanding results but also laid a blueprint for others to follow. 

The stats speak for themselves: 

  • 57% Carbon Reduction: Incorporating BioHygiene led to a 57% reduction in carbon emissions and a 47% reduction in plastic waste. 
  • £342.2k Social Value: Our social value contributions exceeded 122% of the annual contract value. 
  • 3.30 tCO2e Carbon Footprint: The Site-Based Carbon Footprint Model revealed a significant step toward carbon reduction. 
  • Living Wage Implementation: The commitment to paying living wage rates improved staff satisfaction and set a positive industry example. 
  • Zero-Waste Success: Implementation of zero-waste policies reduced the building’s carbon footprint and waste management costs. 
  • Social Enterprise Partnerships: Partnering with social enterprises like Hey Girls and Choose Well Soaps enhanced environmental impact and support for social causes.  
  • 2 Green Apple Environmental Best Practice Awards (2023). The esteemed Green Apple Awards were created to recognise, reward, and promote environmental best practice around the world – externally validating our collaborative success at 20 Old Bailey.   
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