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"I wouldn't hesitate in recommending GreenZone to you. They are very professional and still have the qualities of being a very personal contractor to deal with."

Barry Bell, Head Deputy of Facilities, Constituency Management Group (UK)


Our Green Philosophy

We aim to achieve new benchmarks in sustainability, inspire behavioural change and minimise the environmental impact of our operations. At GreenZone, we believe that being green is not just a bolt-on to our business; it's how we do business. Please click here to view the GreenZone Environmental Policy.

We think Green Cleaning encompasses:

  • Recycling

    We are fully committed to the ethos of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We offer daily collection of general and recycled waste. We provide help and encouragement in introducing recycling programmes and providing recycling incentives.

  • Green Processes

    Transport - Company vehicles are either electric hybrid cars or LPG commercial vehicles. We promote public transport for all staff wherever possible.

    Less is more - The key is using the right product for the right job. This, and the use of concentrates, reduces consumption - causing less waste, less transport and fewer burdens on the environment. We use dosage stations on applicable sites to ensure that the correct amount of chemical is used. There is less wastage and containers are re-used.

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - We recognise and work to the Waste Hierarchy in all undertakings. We aim to minimise water and energy consumption at our head office and also on-site.

    Technology - We exclusively use only micro-fibre cleaning techniques in ALL processes, including mopping and high levels. We actively promote and utilise the most up to date, cutting edge environmentally friendly technology such as hand held Ionators and twister pads for truly chemical free cleaning in a wide range of our core activities.

    Administration - Our head office adheres to a recycling policy, which aims to reduce or re-use waste. We use e-billing, e-payslips and double-sided printing of documents. The Client Login section of our website provides risk assessments and method statements, training records, insurance documents etc, thus avoiding the wasteful printing

  • Green Procurement

    Chemicals - We use the Delphis Eco range of cleaning products. Delphis was the first company in the UK to be awarded "The European Eco-Flower" (the European Commission's award for products which are a genuinely better choice for the environment). They have gone a step further and now give single-use plastic a second life by using Post Consumer Recycled Packaging for their cleaning products. 

    Paper products - these are sourced from Metsa Tissue, a company committed to the environment and whose products are derived from a fully sustainable audited source.

  • Environmental Accreditations

    ISO14001: 2015 - We were awarded in June 2011 the ISO 14001: 2004 certification and have passed our annual audits since this date. In April 2017 we transitioned across to the 2015 standard. Please click here to view details of our certification.

    Planet First - We are certified by The Planet Mark in partnership with the Eden Project. The Planet Mark signifies we are making ongoing progress in sustainability, including measuring our carbon footprint energy, water and waste annually, reducing our carbon footprint by at least 2.5% a year, investing in the Eden Project to support education on climate change, protecting endangered rainforest through the charity Cool Earth and committing to engage employees and suppliers to drive improvements. Click here to see our certificate.

  • Environmental Training and Awareness

    We are committed to keeping up-to-date with best environmental practice.

    Training - We conduct Tool Box Talks and provide regular environmental training to employees to encourage them to 'Think Green'. We belong to the 2degrees environmental web forum ( and are currently exploring new ideas to further improve our service.

    Better Buildings Partnership - We have tailored our services to comply with the relevant sections of the Better Buildings Partnership. We understand and help with Green Leases.

    The Eden Project - We are pleased to announce that through The Planet Mark we support The Eden Project in Cornwall - an educational charity and world famous eco tourist attraction. Their aim is to change the way people think of the world around them. They believe that a generation which doesn't understand or value the natural world will not strive to protect it. 

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